January 09, 2007

TalQer (pronounced “Talker”) is a Plug-In for Skype AND Google Talk which allow users to make phone calls to regular phones anywhere in the world at a significant savings over SkypeOut rates! Skype and Google Talk users both can now take advantage of TalQer’s exciting new features.

The latest version of TalQer integrates with the Skype User Interface to add a new gold dial button which allows Skype users to make outgoing calls using TalQer instead of using SkypeOut. TalQer integrates with the Skype UI so that users are able to call SkypeOut Contacts by highlighting the contact and then clicking on the gold TalQer dial button. Skype History entries can be highlighted and called in the same manner.

TalQer Features:

# Savings: TalQer offers calls to 22 countries cost only €0.012 (1.5¢) per minute: a 53% savings for European customers because we're not based in Europe so you save on VAT.

# Choice: You choose whether you want to integrate TalQer together with Skype and/or Google Talk or use it as a stand alone application;

# Quality: TalQer is based on open industry standards and offers very high voice quality;

# Integration: TalQer adds a new Gold button to Skype which allows Skype users to choose a different phone service provider. TalQer fully integrates with Skype Contacts and History just like SkypeOut;

# Convenience: TalQer adds three buttons to the Google Talk user interface to allow users to call regular phone lines from Google Talk;

# Free Calls: TalQer allows free calls to Toll Free numbers in the USA. No registration required! Just download and call!

# Free TalqIn Phone Number: Every TalQer subscriber gets a free phone number which allows you to receive incoming calls on your computer from all over the world.

# TalqIn Phone Numbers from 38 Countries! TalQer allows you to sign up for a local phone number in any of 38 different countries. And we have more on the way!

# Free Voicemail: Now TalQer also includes free Voicemail with each subscription. Even when you are away from your computer, TalQer is there to take messages for you.

# Call Forwarding: TalQer can forward incoming calls to your regular phone with no monthly surcharge – you pay standard TalqOut rates to forward your calls to your regular phone number.

# Euro or Dollar Billing: TalQer now offers billing in either Euro or Dollars. We also bill your credit card in Euro or Dollars so you don't get hit with an exchange rate fee.

# Microsoft Outlook Integration: Now TalQer includes a plug-in for integration with your Microsoft Outlook address book.

# Mozilla Thunderbird Integration: If you prefer Thunderbird over Outlook we have a plugin for you as well.

# IE and Firefox Integration: TalQer integrates with both Microsoft IE AND Mozilla Firefox to easily dial telephone numbers you find on the Internet.

# Click-to-Dial: TalQer allows you to highlight any phone number in any application and then click on the TalQer icon in the Windows System Tray to dial the highlighted number.

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