January 18, 2007

TerraIM is an instant messaging client that connects to the AOL Instant Messenger network. Thus, one can use TerraIM with an existing AIM, ICQ, or AOL screen name. Just log in using your AIM screen name or ICQ number with TerraIM, and your regular buddy list will show up. While TerraIM has file transfer and buddy icon support, it does not have DirectIM.

Here are some key features of TerraIM:

· Offline Messaging - Thanks to DoorManBot, you can send messages to people who are offline. The messages are delivered once the person signs on, even if you have signed off by then.
· Tabbing - you have the option of having all your instant messages with one window, with tabs to switch between them.
· Aliasing - set an alias for a buddy and that alias is displayed everywhere instead of the person's screen name.
· Remote Control - leave TerraIM running at home and remotely check messages, change the away message, and download files.
· Portability - TerraIM easily fits on a floppy, and requires no install. It is perfect for environments where AIM cannot be installed, for example, school networks.
· Skinnability - TerraIM is fully skinnable. Though currently there are only few skins available, more are being developed.
· Logging - TerraIM implements real time logging. All instant messages can be recorded to files.
· TerraIM currently lacks certain features that AIM has, for example buddy icons and Direct IM. However, the TerraIM development is very active, and all these features will eventually be added. If you have experience with C++ or graphics design and are interested in contributing to TerraIM, contact the team.

TerraIM Screenshot:

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