January 04, 2007

Simple, fast and secure, Unyte adds a visual component to any dialog instantly. With Unyte, you can create meetings and dialogs on-the-fly to share ideas, present information, build consensus, make better decisions and troubleshoot technical issues.

Use Unyte to…

* Give a presentation
* Review gift ideas with a friend
* Debug code with a colleague
* Fix your mom’s PC

Unyte’s intuitive user interface can be used immediately without any training. One click and you’re sharing. Participants simply click the invitation link and they are “in.”

For 1:1 collaboration in an instant, use Unyte for free. Take advantage of application viewing to share information and visually highlight key points.

For 1:Many collaboration try Unyte + and share with 1 – 25 people as well as enjoy advanced features such as application sharing and remote control. Unyte + is available for a modest fee, starting as low as $30/year for unlimited sessions and minutes.

In addition, if you are Skype user, Unyte is seamlessly integrated with Skype. Invite your Skype contacts to “Unyte” with you with a single click. Manage Unyte from within your Skype interface.

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