January 31, 2007

VoiceChum for Skype

January 31, 2007

VoiceChum for Skype is a suite of cool desktop applications designed for Skype users. It includes features like Call Recording, Voicemail, Consultations, Cast-o-Blast (Casting), War Dialer, Integrated Calendar, Podant (Podcast Assistant), Auto Audio/Text Responses, ACD and the list goes on.

VoiceChum for Skype is focussed on increasing customer experience using Skype services and caters to the needs and desires of Skype users. It offers lot of customization to address specific requirements of Skype Customer base ranging from casual to more advanced users. Professional edition users can interact with Standard edition users to leverage some of the unique features provided by VoiceChum for Skype like Cast-o-Blast and Consultations.

VoiceChum for Skype Features:

* Voice Mail - Take messages when not at the computer to take calls.
o Custom Voicemail Greeting
o Limit maximum length of a Voicemail
o Play tome on successful Voicemail
o Email Voicemails and so many more options
o Delete Voicemail after email
o Supports Retention criteria. Ex: Delete Voicemails older than 30 days
* War Dialer - Contiunously Dial a contact until connected.
o Useful for radio station offers, etc...
o Supports both Skype2Skype and SkypeOut Contacts
* Auto Text Response - Automatically respond to a chat message while not at the computer
o Option to Disable Auto Text Response
o Configurable Text Message
o Enable/Disable in different states
* Presence-Automatic Mood Settings - Automatically change Mood Setting based on User Status
o Option to Disable Mood Settings
o Configurable Mood Messages for different states
* Receive Cast-o-Blast - Receive VoiceChum Cast-o-Blasts from other VoiceChum users
* Multi Language Support - Supports Multiple languages
* Customized Environments - Customizable VoiceChum themes

VoiceChum for Skype Screenshots:

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