January 14, 2007

Wambo is a new Instant Messaging program that makes it easy to have private group discussions with circles of friends about interests, events or group projects. Group conversations happen in real-time, but unlike IM the dialog doesn’t end abruptly as friends go offline. Rather, group messaging can continue overnight, since all messages are automatically archived. Wambo’s also fantastic for sharing media as the Speed Booster feature will accelerate your photo and video transfers by up to 100 times.

Wambo Features:

Wambo’s group discussions support media such as photos or videos and don’t require all group members to be online at the same time. Using the “Conversation” window, you can easily switch from one discussion to another - or catch up with group discussions that happened while you were offline.

Dead-easy media sharing with Wambo! Another exciting Wambo feature is called “Speed Booster” - which lets you send photos and videos to your friends up to 100 times faster. Drag and drop your media into a group discussion, and Wambo will automatically resize and compress your media for you.

Using Wambo as your IM. Wambo’s about group messaging, but it’s possible to IM your friends on AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger or even G-Talk using Wambo’s basic IM capabilities. Furthermore, Wambo will automatically import all your contacts so you can be up and running right away and individually IM from Wambo if you wish.

Wambo Screenshot:

via Messenger.es

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