January 07, 2007

XSmessenger is an Instant Messenger (IM), developed especially for business use. XSmessenger makes instant messaging possible in a fast, secure and controllable way, both internally on your company’s network as externally from the Internet!

The XSmessenger application includes XSmessenger Server. Installing and maintaining your own IM-Server on your company network has advantages as to security, privacy, controllability and cost reduction.

Security >
XSmessenger Server installed behind the firewall of your own company network ensures the most effective defense against fraud, abuse and hackers.

Privacy >
Communication is encrypted by XSmessenger Server to protect sensitive information and ensure your privacy.

Controllability >
Your company has full control over XSmessenger Server. Control System Access enables IT managers to determine who are allowed to connect to XSmessenger Server and who are not. IT administrators are able to decide what functions they want enabled or disabled.

Cost aspect >
Installing and maintaining your own IM-services will reduce costs enormously. All clients in the same Local Area Network communicate directly with the XSmessenger Server installed on that same LAN without use of the Internet. This reduces bandwidth and therefore saves a lot of money!

XSmessenger Screenshots:

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