January 16, 2007

Do you need to know what other users of your computer are chatting about? Yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder is the quiet way to view the YIM chats of others whom use your PC. This program turns chat archiving on for ALL users without any passwords.

Yahoo! Messenger Archive Decoder allows you to read Yahoo's archive (.dat) files, enabling you to see every conversation which takes place on your computer! This software works with ANY version of Yahoo! Instant Messenger!

After the fast installation you can run the program's Decoding Wizard to get started. It will turn on Message Archiving for all YIM users of your computer.

No passwords are required to start archiving. After archiving is turned on you can then view future chats easily by opening the program and selecting the user and chat you wish to view.

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder Features:

# Works With All YIM Versions - No matter which version of YIM you have, it will work.
# All Languages Compatible - Unicode output works for absolutely ANY language!
# No Passwords Required - You do not need any YIM passwords to utilize the software.
# Records Everything - Records normal conversations, private messages, conferences, etc.
# Custom File Selection - Decode a single file or all files in a particular saved folder.
# User Selection - Change any user's archiving options directly and easily from within YMAD.
# Advanced Auto-Detection - Detects ALL usernames and folders used, not just visible ones.
# Self-Explanatory Interface - No instruction manual is needed, instructions are on-screen.
# Shows the Truth - Finally learn the TRUTH about what they chat about behind your back!

Yahoo Messenger Archive Decoder Screenshots:

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