February 28, 2007

"Skype users can have their voice mail messages delivered to their e-mail and SMS addresses starting Monday through a voice-mail-to-text service offered by SimulScribe.

Utilizing its proprietary voice-recognition algorithms that transcribe voice mail to text, the service works with wireless, networked, and voice-over-IP services, SimulScribe says, adding that the feature typically can save a user three hours a month in wasted time that would be spent listening to voice mail."
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Posted by W. David Gardner @ InformationWeek

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"MySpace.com pages are being infected with a link to a computer virus, and another may be targeting Skype's text chat for the first time, a Finnish computer security firm said Tuesday."
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Yux is an alternative Yahoo Messenger client for *nix systems. What distinguishes Yux from other clients is that Yux attempts to match the look and feel of the official version of the Windows client.

Aimed at simplicity and ease of use, Yux offers the following features:

* Extremely lightweight, does what its supposed to do.
* Gtk-themeable user interface.
* Accessibility features for persons with disabilities. (in process)
* Supports almost all of yahoo messenger features except: audibles, buddy icons, and voice chats.

Yux Screenshot:

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As Amit reported in his blog, spammers use misspellings to fool spam Filters:

"The word Viagra has been spelled as \/laGr@ - the first alphabet is not "V" but a combination of a back slash and a forward slash. The second alphabet is "L" instead of "i". No wonder, Gmail failed to detect this message as spam and delivered it to the Inbox.

And there's more - the image attachment, that has the actual advertising message, is scribbled with short horizontal lines so as to trick the OCR software that can extract text from images."

No matter how well the spam filters are, us email users cannot be fully protected from spam today (There are 600,426,974,379,824,381,952 ways to spell viagra), but we can still take some precautions to evade these attacks, while registering for new accounts and after. Some crucial tips to avoid spam may be listed as follows:

1. While you're creating an account, do not choose a short username. You will receive spam mail due to dictionary attacks. For example, think of the username "angel". Each address starting with the word "angel" will receive a spam mail:

2. Since usernames that are to be attacked are generated from the first few letters, it's better to start the username with letter or number series without a meaning:
ytgkj.username@ or 72149.username@

3. It's always better to use special characters in the username if they are allowed.
user-name@, user_name@ or user.name@

4. If you are sure that it's a spam mail, do NOT click the links like "Click to unsubscribe, remove your address from the list" and do NOT reply them with emails having subjects like "Remove", "Unsubscribe" etc. These will verify your email address and will only make your address receive more of them.

5. Some sites may want email addresses for registration. These are potential spam dangers. If you have to use an email address for registration, always use a temporary address. Sites like "Mailinator.com" create temporary mail addresses for a short period of time and you are done with these addresses once you are finished with registration.
If you also have to receive email after you have registered, in other words, when you are filling out forms on the internet, do not use the mail account that you give your friends and relations. Instead, get yourself a free webmail (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) and use that always.

6. When you are sending emails to multiple recipients, always use BCC. Why? If you type the addresses in the CC or To line, all the recipient addresses appear in the mail content when those emails are forwarded. If the forwarded mails reach the spam senders in some way, all these addresses are added to their spam lists.

7. If your webmail provides a junk/bulk mail filter service, make sure that this service is activated. However, all the mail coming into this folder might not be spam. Because the mass emails sent by some sites you register or mail groups that you are a member of are sent by script-based ways, they may be considered as spam and they make their way into these folders. It's good to check this folder once in a while.

8. Finally, make sure that you view the Message Headers fully. How do you do this? For example in Gmail, click the icon near Reply > Show original" besides the address received from and in Hotmail, click "Options > Message display settings > Message header > Full". This will allow you to see useful information about the sender of the spam mail you received.
If you are sure that it's a spam mail, copy the header information as it is and report it to spamcop.com. From the same web address, you can send the mail service provider the information about the spam mail.

Please do not forget that these are only precautions that you can take against spam individually and will not stop spam completely, but at least it will help in keeping spam away from you.

Posted by me @ Email-X.net

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Yahoo! Canada Mobile and Yahoo! Messenger want you to win a BlackBerry® Pearl™! It's the BlackBerry device everyone has been waiting for, with all the fantastic features plus a built in camera and music player. It's small, light and stylish – perfect for anyone on the Go!

Entering for your chance to win is easy:

1. If you don't have one already, get your Yahoo! Messenger ID
2. Use your mobile phone to text YAHOO to 2222 to enter
3. Every Monday, you will receive a text message with a contest password
4. Log in to Yahoo! Mobile Messenger on your phone using your Yahoo! or Rogers Yahoo! ID and IM the password to this IM contact: winapearl

It's that simple.

Contest ends April 15, 2007. Standard carrier charges may apply.

Click here for more info.

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February 27, 2007

Stop Yahoo! from Tracking You!

February 27, 2007

Yahoo is keeping track of which sites its members that are getting into groups or using Yahoo! services are visiting and storing this data with a method called "Web Beacons". The aim is to give these statistics to the partner companies arranged by agreement and to improve the "advertisement guiding" function.

However, those who are bothered by this and do not want to be kept track of have still a choice. Yahoo! has hidden this option way deep inside somewhere but I'm declaring it here in case there are people who want it anyway:

1. Go to the address http://privacy.yahoo.com/privacy and click the "Cookies" link under the "Special Topics" column.

2. Click the "Web Beacons" link under the "Reference Links" Column.

3. On this page, click the "click here to opt out" link toward the end of the third paragraph under the "Outside the Yahoo! Network" title.

4. After a while, a page that says you have been out of the monitoring program will load. Without doing anything, close that page or continue your usual surfing by typing another address in the address bar. (Do NOT click the "Cancel Opt-out" button, your action will be cancelled!)

5. You're done! Now Yahoo! will not record what you're doing during surfing.

You can let your friends that might be interested know about this; since no matter how "innocent" it may seem, it's still a violation of privacy.

Posted my me @ Email-X.net

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GoTalkMobile is GTalk instant messenger (IM) client for your J2ME-enabled cell phone. It's used for sending and receiving Google Talk and Jabber instant messages just like SMS, via GPRS at no additional cost! It's written in J2ME, and we have MIDP1.0 and MIDP2.0 compatible versions.

GoTalkMobile features

  1. It's the easiest way for communication - GoTalkMobile has very SIMPLE and user-friendly interface. There's nothing you can do wrong - it's just impossible. You can make sure how easy to start using GoTalkMobile.
  2. It's like SMS, but much more CHEAPLY! Just imagine - each message costs up to 100 times cheaper than SMS in your home-network and 1000 times cheaper if you're in roaming. That's extra profitable for those who are keen on using SMS. Such economy is great advantage of GoTalkMobile? Isn't it?
  3. It's fast! We're sure the situation when very important SMS can't be delivered in time because of the network errors is well-known to everyone. And you wait... and it annoys... GoTalkMobile helps to save your nerves. The main difference is that in "SMS" the key word is "short", it's not supposed to be INSTANT, but GoTalkMobile is. All the messages are delivered instantly. With GoTalkMobile you add to your cell phone all the advantages of Google Talk messaging including the fast delivery.
  4. It's without spyware or adware! We guarantee - this software contains NO SPYWARE or ADWARE. We guarantee - your cell phone is in complete safety. GoTalkMobile uses its own algorithm of integrity check - that means that you can be sure that the program was not modified or changed by anyone. This is pure program. We strongly recommend you to use only our OFFICIAL site for the downloading GoTalkMobile.
  5. This program is given to you for free! You can do anything you want with GoTalkMobile - copy it, send it to your friends, whatever!!! Use our site to download GoTalkMobile to your cell phone absolutely for free. What is really important - you can share it with your friend through Bluetooth (tm), Infrared port, USB cable or even send it through e-mail!
  6. GoTalkMobile saves your money! It compresses the GPRS traffic between user and server, making chat much cheaper that usual SMS. It uses the compression algorithm for spending as little traffic as possible, and that means - less money. It's fast and cheap. That's perfect!
  7. GoTalkMobile is Secure! The program uses completely secure encrypted GPRS channels of your mobile Operator. Our server is situated on the commercially defended hosting - that guarantees you full safety of using GoTalkMobile.
  8. Send messages to PCWith the help of GoTalkMobile you can send messages to your friends, who are using PCs at the moment, the only condition - your friends should use Google Talk And of course you can chat with your friends, having GoTalkMobile on their cell phones.
  9. Send messages to other phones!Using GoTalkMobile you can chat with your friends who have GoTalkMobile on their cell phones too. That's much easier and cheaper that SMS (just count - each message is 100 times cheaper if you are in your home network, and 1000 cheaper if you're in roaming). And that's faster - what can be better? Now everything's done for you to communicate as much as you wish and without any problems.
  10. Run GoTalkMobile at phone and GoogleTalk at your PC at the same time! If you have GoTalkMobile both - and on you PC (using Google Talk), and on your cell phone, you are always on-line. The messages are being delivered on your PC and on cell phone. You can use it at the same time.
  11. It runs in the background!GoTalkMobile is always switched on, but it never prevents normal work of you cell phone. It's on the background and activates only when the message is delivered. That's why using GoTalkMobile you can do with your phone whatever you want - call, look through the Wap-sites, and even use it as a hummer - whatever - GoTalkMobile never disturbs you.

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"Have you ever submitted a story to a social site like Digg and then messaged a few of your friends through AIM and told them to vote for it? There is nothing wrong with this but they probably know what you are up to, here's why..."
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Posted by Neil Patel @ Pronet Advertising

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February 26, 2007

Wippien is developed to provide an Instant Messenger with VPN support.

Wippien combines different protocols - ICQ, MSN, AIM, Yahoo, Google Talk. With your contacts you can do even more - you can make virtual private network with them - your system will see them like they are sitting just next to you.

You can access their resources (such as system shares, printers..) without even knowing if they are accross the street, or across the ocean - miles and miles away. It's just the same with Wippien.

Wippien Skins and Screenshots:

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iP is a FREE revolutionary 2D Avatar Visual Chat software application.

iP Features:

· Scalable 32 bit full color 672x672 Avatars made from up to 16 224x224 props.
· State of the art built in editors for Avatars, Rooms, Server Settings, Scripts and more.
· All of the Administration of your iP server can be done remotely within the iP client software.
· Multiple levels of Server Staff, 12 moderation tools to deal with troublesome users.
· User client moderation tools so that users can deal personally with annoying people.
· Room editing, including uploading of media can be done easily within the iP client interface.
· Any room can have built in AVs, viewable and selectable within a pop up panel.
· Users can scale AVs (1 pixel to 2x normal), flip AVs horizontally or vertically with simple commands.
· AVs can be shared with a simple right click menu item. And are automatically saved to the prop set.
· Users can have multiple prop sets, and switch between them effortlessly while chatting.
· Both the iP Client Software and iP Server Software is totally FREE.
· Low cost hosting is available from a variety of hosting companies, or run your own on your computer.

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February 25, 2007

Call your IM buddies on their mobile or on their PC. At the cost of a local call, worldwide. No credits needed. Chat with your IM buddies for free. Send Text messages for free.

is free to download and access on your mobile phone or internet enabled device. To use Nimbuzz on a mobile device you need a mobile data connection like GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, EVDO or Wi-Fi.

does not require a phone capable of Voice over IP. Nimbuzz needs a data connection for instant messaging and uses regular calls for Nimbuzz Voice.


* Chat Mobile to Mobile with your Nimbuzz buddies and Mobile to PC with your MSN and Google Talk buddies
* Free and unlimited usage
* Use Buzz alerts to get your offline Nimbuzz buddies online for a chat!
* For Mobile to Mobile chat, both phones need to have the Nimbuzz Mobile software installed.
* MSN and Google Talk buddies use their installed chat software

Nimbuzz Screenshots:

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February 24, 2007

Twessenger is a Twitter add-in for Windows Live Messenger.

When enabled, Twessenger automatically updates your Messenger Personal Message at regular intervals to reflect your latest Twitter tweet.

This essentially means that you can update your Live Messenger status from wherever you are, since Twitter supports updates via the web interface, IM, and SMS messages from your cellphone.

Twessenger's Requirements:
A Twitter account.
Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 8.1 (for Windows XP or Vista)
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0

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February 23, 2007

"Although Skype 3.0 was just released a few months ago, a new public beta version has already been made available. Skype 3.1 brings to the table, among other things, including a new business search feature.

SkypeFind is the main addition to 3.1, and Skype is calling it a feature that allows users to find and review local businesses. With this new addition, which is largely user-driven, Skype hopes it will be able to create a virtual yellow pages type of directory."
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Via Messenger.es, Posted by Wolfgang Gruener @ TG Daily

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deeb0t is an IRC chat bot. It is capable of making meaningful conversation with other users.

It also responds to commands issued by its owner.


The first time you start deeb0t, it will show you the options window:

* Bot Name: The chat handle of the bot.
* Operator Name: Your chat handle. The bot will only respond to commands from this handle.
* Server: The IRC server to connect to.
* Port: The port to connect to.
* Channel: The channel you want the bot to join.

Deeb0t Screenshots:

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--[Subscribe FEEDSHOW Revenue sharing program]
--[Subscribe FEEDSHOW Revenue sharing program]

"Microsoft was forced to remove a Dutch bot called Kylie from its Messenger network after it was reported to spread pornographic material. In addition to random dirty talk, the bot also linked to a handful of explicit videos at partner sites. Since the launch of Kylie on Monday, at least 7000 people added "her" address to their contact lists before the bot was killed off by Microsoft on Tuesday at noon.

Arnout Hemel, responsible for the MSN Messenger/Windows Live Platform at Microsoft Netherlands, told Emerce that they were unaware of the bot, that it wasn't licensed (it technically by-passed the allow list limit) and that it had to be removed because the company doesn't allow distribution of pornography, hatred and discrimination on its network. Hemel also stressed the presence of the "Report abuse" option under the software's Help menu, which helps Microsoft identify similar cases."

Posted @ Mess.be

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"Have you wanted to organize your Buddy List, but didn't know how? Sorting your buddies can solve the task of finding your buddies quickly, especially if you have a lot of them. In the following steps, I explain how to organize your online life..."

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Posted @ AOL Journals

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February 22, 2007

Note: Please put a backlink to this post instead of copying the whole list !

You are not allowed to install your favorite IM software to computers at work or most of IM Networks are blocked by the IT team. But you can access your favorite IM service through the following browser based online messengers:

1. Meebo (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Google, ICQ, Jabber)

2. eBuddy (MSN, AOL, Yahoo)

3. KoolIM (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Google, ICQ)

4. IMhaha (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, QQ)

5. ILoveIM (MSN, AOL, Yahoo)

6. Instan-t Express (MSN, AOL, Google, Yahoo, IRC)

7. Communication Tube (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ)

8. Mabber (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber)

9. IMUnitive (MSN, AOL, Yahoo)

10. Goowy (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ)

11. Snimmer (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Google, Jabber)

12. jaIMy (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Google, Jabber)

13. Centova Online (MSN, AOL, Yahoo, ICQ, Jabber)

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"Microsoft has apologized for serving malware via its websites and Windows Live Messenger software. APC reader Jackie Murphy reported the problem: 'With Microsoft launching Vista along with their Defender software to protect users from viruses and spyware and it seems therefore to be an oxymoron that they have started to putting paid changing banner advertisements for malware and on the popular MSN groups servers.'"
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Posted by Dan Warne @ APC Magazine

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Now with Truphone you can call any of the many Google Talk users for free from your mobile. And what's more, they can call you for free too.

--> you can call Google Talk users for free
--> they can call your mobile for free

Read instructions to learn how to make a call.

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Anti Boss Key allows you to hide and restore the windows (programs) from your screen with the press of a hotkey or a mouse shortcut. It will cover all the tracks of the running programs by hiding them also from the task bar and the system tray.

In addition to that Anti Boss Key will not close the applications but keep them hidden in the background thus preserving your data at the point of interruption. All you need to do when the threat has passed is to hit the shortcut again to restore your work at the point of interruption.

In addition to all that the application can mute the sound, switch the display resolution (if you was playing a game), start (bring to top if running) an application (the one you are supposed to work with) and many more...

By hiding windows you have the freedom to protect your privacy and hide sensitive information from praying eyes.

Anti Boss Key Screenshots:

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Buzz Instant Messenger works with AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk and ICq, all from one easy Panel.

It is being developed as an all in 1 Communications Package, with not only IM but Video and Voice as well as a 3 line softphone being developed for home and small business use. Version 1 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

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February 21, 2007

"Skype users downloaded the world's leading VoIP program 500 million times today. The current rate is 640 thousand downloads a day, according to Skype data..."

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X-IM is a free Secure Instant Messaging (IM) and Chat program which lets you communicate with anyone on the Internet securely, using 256-bit Strong Encryption.

Standard Features

o Secure Instant Messaging – Send instant messages to any other X-IM user. If the remote user is not online (or has their computer off, etc.) the message will be held until the user goes online, at which time it will be delivered immediately. From inception to delivery the message is encrypted with the recipient’s public key, making it impossible for anyone but the recipient to read the message.
o Firewall Compatibility – X-IM is designed to automatically connect you with your contacts regardless of your type of Internet connection, and is compatible with the vast majority of firewall configurations.
o Secure Chat – The chat feature allows two, three, or more users to communicate to each other in persistent window, with all the same security features as X-IM Instant Messages. This is ideal for encrypted group conversations between three or more users. Firewall Compatibility – X-IM is designed to automatically connect you with your contacts regardless of your type of Internet connection, and is compatible with the vast majority of firewall configurations.
o Digital Signatures and Hash Protection - All X-IM communications, besides being digitally encrypted to prevent unauthorized viewing, are also digitally signed and protected by secure hash to prevent the forging or altering of any type of X-IM message.
o Message Filtering – Automatically filter out messages from designated users, or opt to only receive messages from users already on your contact list.

Pro Features

o Secure File Transfer – Securely send files to your contacts. This allows you to securely transmit things like sensitive spreadsheets, Word documents, images, etc. As with instant messages, if your recipient is not online, these transmissions will be held on X-IM’s secure server and delivered as soon as the recipient is available. (Remember, as with all X-IM transmissions, the document is always encrypted before the transmission begins, and is held on our secure server in its encrypted form. No one but the specified recipient can decrypt and read the document; we at X-IM are never capable of accessing any unencrypted information sent by our users.)
o Secure Memos – Secure memos are like secure instant messages, except that there is no length limitation, and they can be retained locally by the recipient indefinitely. This makes them very convenient for sensitive information that needs to be retained, like account numbers, passwords, schedules, etc.
o Digitally signed documents – This feature automatically applies your digital signature to any memos or files you send. This gives the recipient proof that the document or message came from you and has not been altered since it was sent.
o Compact Size and No Ads – The Pro Version doesn’t display the ads which pay for the free version. This frees up room on the screen and provides more room for the information that you want to see.
o Standard Version Compatibility – This means that you can use these Pro features with all your contacts, regardless of whether they have the Pro or Standard Version of X-IM. (In other words, both versions can receive Memos and Files, but only the Pro Version can send Memos and Files.)

X-IM Screenshots:

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The IM-Me text messenger from Mattel is a wireless texting device that helps keep your little ones safe from online predators who have no conscience whatsoever. Each purchase comes with a RF dongle which is connected to the USB port of a parental computer, enabling your child to text message her circle of friends who have already been added to your address book and are within the dongle range...

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February 20, 2007

Feed Crier allows you get the latest news, weather, blogs, and more delivered free to your instant messenger. There's nothing to download or install, no spam, and never any spyware.

* Real time alerts when your favorite sites are updated.
* Nothing to download, nothing to install.
* Works with your existing instant messenger

Feed Crier currently supports MSN, AIM, Jabber and Gtalk.

Feed Crier Screenshot:

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Select an existing Skype shortcut menu or create a new one: Right-click anywhere on the desktop and choose New->Shortcut and browse for skype.exe. Add the /minimized switch:

skype.exe /minimized

Skype is minimized to system tray when it starts.

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Follow these steps:

1. Start windows in safe mode (Pressing F8 while restarting the system)
2. Go to C:\WINDOWS
3. Look for these two files: msnlogm.exe and msnlogs.exe
4. Delete those files.

Alternative method:

Process Explorer. Run it. Go to the MSNLOGS tree and right click the top one. Then kill process tree and then go to start menu, search and look for anything with the name msn. Delete the two files logs and logm or whatever in C:/windows and you are done.

Posted by papash and helpinghelper @ BigBlueBall Forums

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The IP VoiceLink is an IP / GSM gateway. Connect the IP Voicelink to the internet through your computer, at home or at work and leave it. The IP VoiceLink will convert all conversation from Skype on your computer to GSM signals and forwards the calls to your Mobile - thereof Skype Mobile or Mobile Internet Telephony. You can now make and receive Skype calls anywhere.

SkypeMobile internet telephony is not dependent on everybody you know using Skype. Using the IP VoiceLink with “SkypeOut”, you can also make international mobile calls at a fraction of the normal cost. Call landline or mobile numbers globally from your mobile phone at local rates.

IP VoiceLink Features:

* Be available on Skype on your Mobile anywhere!
* Make global calls at local rates - from your mobile with SkypeOut.

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February 19, 2007

"Managing the login credentials for every web site or service you sign up for tends to be a daunting task. Remember your username is "somewhatfrank" on service A ,"franky-baby" on service B and "frankyhollywood" on service C can be somewhat troublesome. After exploring its options, AOL has decided to address the problem and support the movement to decentralize online identity by enabling anyone with an AOL or AIM screen-name to integrate with OpenID..."
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Posted by Frank Gruber Somewhat Frank

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Vodafone and Microsoft today announced they are working together to deliver an enhanced co-branded and seamless Instant Messaging (IM) service that can be accessed from both the PC and mobile phone. The world’s biggest IM community and biggest Mobile Messaging community will together provide a next generation messaging service based on the Windows Live Messenger platform.

The new IM service will provide millions of customers with enhanced IM communication opportunities and will be launched in select European markets later this year.

The new service means that customers will be able to use the address book functionality and see the “presence” of their Messenger contacts and exchange messages when these contacts are either on their PC or mobile devices.

The co-branded Instant Messenger experience will be available on a wide range of Vodafone consumer handsets, including those on the Windows Mobile platform, bringing together customers of other Mobile Network Operator IM networks, consistent with last year’s 3GSM announcement (June 2006) on Personal IM .

Posted @ Vodafone Media Center

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