February 13, 2007

iMessengr is back in town !

February 13, 2007

Dear my readers and friends,

After five hard days, blogger finally restored back iMessengr again.

I've experienced something spiritual today. I've dream about my blog last night (Real bloggers know what I'm talking about, right?). I was clicking the"restore link" on my dashboard and seen that I could edit my posts. There was a different message other than blogger's spam message. I woke up and said to myself, hey, it was just a dream. I slept again and dreamed about the same thing two times again. I woke up again, couldn't wait and run to my pc, opened my inbox and saw many emails telling me my blog is back :) I just couldn't believe that something like that is happened to me.

I don't know how I can pay you back. I want to thank all my friends Ramani, Hoctro, Avatar, Louiss, Ricardo, Annie, Chhaya, Purplemoggy, memori, ugyen, Arpit , ggpi, isilay, yalin, Paula, TonNet, cyberbuffq, Derek Anderson, tdf, Junio, Straydog, Xavier Casanova, Amit Agarwal, Kartjik, Lexi Long, Batushkha, Özlem Akın, emrex, xthilakx, Blog Bloke, mubin, jaybong, jaguar-archie2006, toomm, mobilebay, soul-healer, Jack Squat, wwwhome, BigBadWolf, mkmnynow, cenkbut, godmode, trafficnotice, andheresjohnny, Forsh and many others, who have supported me with their comments, emails and posts in their blogs ! Please send me your url if I forgot to put your name. If I've put your name accidentally, then it was one of the false positives, and I apologize :)))

How I got my blog back:

  • First of all I've created an help page, where I've told the reasons why iMessengr is not a spam blog and my feelings about this automatical disabling process.
  • With Avatar's suggestion I've integrated a comment form, where visitors can share their opinions. I think it was a great idea because it created a synergy.
  • I've shared blogger support team's email (support@blogger.com) and an email form to let my friends and visitors contact blogger and share their opinions.
  • My site's feed was up and running. I've made my feed on Google Reader open to public, so everyone could see that it's not a spam blog.
  • I've posted on some forums and blogger help group to let people know about this.
  • Finally, I've emailed to blogger support everyday and told them about this accidental removal. I told my friends to do the same.
What I've learned from this process:
  • Read other blogs and forums to determine your problem and your solution exactly.
  • Never host your site on free hosting services. If you're able to pay for it, buy a domain and run your site on your own server !
  • Always backup up your site.
  • I did understand very well, how important is to build a community. Read other blogs, forums, mailing groups! Write your own thoughts, share your opinions with others, make friends !

As Isilay said in her comment, nothing destroys a blogger’s trust and motivation faster than the suspicion that he is being treated unfairly. But I've got my blog back with your support. Thank you again. Please contact me anytime if you need a friendly hand.


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