February 08, 2007

Imified is an instant messenger buddy that works accross all major IM networks and offers access to a growing number of web applications, as well as productivity tools like notes, reminders, and todo's. Imified helps you get things done faster.

You shouldn't have to launch your browser to add a new appointment to your Google calendar, or complete a todo in your backpack account. Imified is always open, sitting right there in your favorite IM client ready to help. If you have an IM client running on your mobile phone, you've got instant access to your applications wherever and whenever.

How to Signup ?
Signing up is easy. Just send a message to the imified buddy on your favorite network to create an account:

AIM: IMified
Yahoo: IMified
MSN: imified@imified.com
Google Talk/Jabber: imified@gmail.com

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