February 20, 2007

The IP VoiceLink is an IP / GSM gateway. Connect the IP Voicelink to the internet through your computer, at home or at work and leave it. The IP VoiceLink will convert all conversation from Skype on your computer to GSM signals and forwards the calls to your Mobile - thereof Skype Mobile or Mobile Internet Telephony. You can now make and receive Skype calls anywhere.

SkypeMobile internet telephony is not dependent on everybody you know using Skype. Using the IP VoiceLink with “SkypeOut”, you can also make international mobile calls at a fraction of the normal cost. Call landline or mobile numbers globally from your mobile phone at local rates.

IP VoiceLink Features:

* Be available on Skype on your Mobile anywhere!
* Make global calls at local rates - from your mobile with SkypeOut.

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