February 01, 2007

The name of the software MICA stands for My Internet ChAt. MICA is an chat application that allows you to send instant messages to your friends over any TCP/IP network (including but not limited to internet). It is something like ICQ but you and your friends connect to your own server (MICA Server).

Mica Features:

· Easy to use - MICA is a simple straightforward instant message application. No organizer like functions, just plain simple instant messages.
· Free - MICA system is free and you run your own server (although possible charges for accessing internet or the network used may apply).
· Fast - your own server is probably closer to you than somebody else's server somewhere on internet and you don't share its bandwidth with thousands or millions of other users.
· Private - Since there are no public MICA Servers running at present time you and your friends connect to your own server. You don't receive unsolicited messages from somebody you don't know (unless you make the server accesible for public).
· Flexible - MICA can run over any TCP/IP network including your own local network (you can chat with your colleagues while working) - actually you don't have to be connected to the internet at all.
· Full 32-bit application that runs under Microsoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 (formerly known as Windows NT 5.0).

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