February 02, 2007

Pando is free personal P2P software that makes sending, receiving and publishing large files a breeze. There is a mini version of Pando to be used exclusively with your Yahoo! Messenger contact list. You can already send files with Yahoo! Messenger!, but with Pando Plug-In for Yahoo! Messenger :

* You can send both files and folders. Experience the ecstasy of folder IM.
* Send up to 1GB even better. Gigantic files take time. Transfer them faster with Pando.
* Forget firewalls. Pando helps friends send to friends behind firewalls.
* Send multiple files to multiple contacts at once. Without Pando, it's one file to one contact at a time.
* Fast forwards. Forward Pando files you've received with one click - no need to reupload anything.
* Pause and resume your transfers.
* Manage transferred files. Easily access and manage files you've sent and received.
* Hot content, high quality. Every week we’ll post sample HD Videos.

Pando Plug-In for Yahoo! Messenger Screenshots:

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