February 02, 2007

PSP-Messenger is a portal kind of thing that you save in your PSP's memory stick that allows you to log on to your Insant Messenger account, wherever there is a Wi-Fi connection. PSP-Messenger currently supports MSN, AOL and Yahoo Messenger networks.

* Download PSP-Messenger : PSPMSG_FINAL.zip


ICQ access, EMAIL, SMS, Text To Speech, a Phone for your PSP and the EZ Menu for quick access to features, plus access to Hotmail Y! Mail and more.

Install to your PSP and start using

1.Download the file

2.Right click it and press unzip

3.Plug in your PSP

4.Open the PSP memory stick folder in my computer

5.Press the folder "PSP"

6.Press the folder "COMMON"

7.Drag the unzip folder to "COMMON"

8.Wait for it to load on to it then unplug your PSP

9.Open PSP Browser

10.Type in: File:/PSP/COMMON/PSPMSG_FINAL/index.html

PSP-Messenger Screenshots

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