March 28, 2007

Using AIM Location, your buddies can show you where they're hanging out. You can even figure out which buddies are closest to you by opting into the Skyhook Wireless features during the download process.

It's a cool new idea that the AIM team is testing. What if AIM could show you where all of your friends are hanging out? With AIM Location, you can post your location for your buddies to see and find your buddies.

Only people who are on your Buddy List feature and who are using this plugin will see your location. If an AIM user has your screen name, they will only see your location if you have added that user's screen name to your Buddy List feature.

The only people who will see your location are those who have downloaded this plugin. If you click on the "Actions" button on the Buddy List and then click on "Buddies' Location," you will see a list of your buddies who have posted their locations.

Download AIM Location.

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