March 05, 2007

With the release of Gizmo 3.0, they have added a few more VoIP networks you can call for free! That's Google Talk, and now adding on Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger. So now, with just Gizmo you can talk to pretty much any of your friends.

Along with that, they have added these major features as well:

* Group Chat - Communicate as a group in real-time.
* File Sharing - Instantly share files on your computer with family and friends.
* Custom Avatars - Customize your Gizmo profile with a personal photo.
* Tabbed Chat Interface - Organize all your live chats within one window.
* Chat Logging - Record and save chat sessions you can read again later.

In order to call a friend on Yahoo or WLM, type the ID or username of the person you want to call, plus the network domain. For example, or

Posted by MrEggsalad @ BigBlueBall Forums

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