March 04, 2007

With IM Panic you can hide all your Instant Messaging (IM) windows instantly with the press of a single "Hot-Key." When you want to bring your IM windows back on the screen, you simply press the "Hot-Key" again and all your IM windows are instantly back!

IM Panic is compatible with all the major IM applications, web browsers, media players and casino software!

IM Panic will not only hide all these windows securely, but it will simultaneously launch a "Panic URL" that you specify so it looks like you are busy at work. Meanwhile, all your IM/web windows are hidden from all prying eyes – they don’t even show up in your task bar! Once the prying eyes leave your screen simply hit the Hot-Key again and you are back in business, chatting or surfing exactly where you left off.

IM Panic Screenshots:

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