March 06, 2007

Skype has a great videooffering but it lacks streaming and recording of videomessages. Moodvideo for Skype allows people to send one-on-one (Skype to Skype user) videomessages to buddies in their Skype contact list. Just as voicemail but now with video!

The sender of the Moodvideo is in full control over his video. He can decide if the receiving party can share the video with others (like Youtube).

Moodvideo for Skype is powered by the Videoegg platform that is also providing videocapabilities for Hi5, AOL and others.

Moodvideo for Skype can be used for many things. Below a small list that wil be extended in time.

If you have for example a headoffice with several offices on different locations, you can record a message for each office manager. With the premium version you can broadcast it too. Remember, our solution does not eat your bandwidth everytime the video gets streamed!

Just for fun

If you have a lot of friends in your Skype contact list you can use Moodvideo to send out personal greetings or receive personal greetings!

Moodvideo for Skype Screenshots:

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