March 19, 2007

TWERQ is new search tool to feature tabbed results. TWERQ packed this unique functionality with a ton of practical time saving features that will change the way you search. powered by Live Search.

TWERQ Features:

Tabbed Web Search
Tabbed searching allows you to seamlessly open and close multiple result tabs for each of your searches. Using this, you can conduct multiple searches simultaneously, cutting in half the time you spend searching.

Tabbed RSS Feeds
You can search a database of feed sources, or specify a single feed URL. Store and read multiple feeds simultaneously to track sources and stories of interest.

Tabbed Image Search
Find great images faster by searching multiple terms simultaneously. Tabbed image searching allows you to instantly flip through different tabs of images for each of your search terms.

You can easily access all features by using special character combinations called Q-Triggers which allow users to take full advantage of a power-house of advanced search functionality.

See the features of TWERQ in action. Watch Video!

TWERQ Screenshot:

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