March 15, 2007

ZapTXT is a free service that lets you keep track of your favorite Web sites via email, mobile device or instant messenger (currently Skype and Google Talk).

You can use ZapTXT to monitor your favorite news sites, classified listings, job postings, blogs, sports teams or just about anything else you can think of. Just pick the sites you're interested in, and tell ZapTXT what you'd like us to watch for and ZapTXT can send you an update whenever a site gets updated. ZapTXT works with millions of different Web sites that support RSS or Atom.

When you ask us to monitor a particular Web site, ZapTXT create a Zaptask for you. Think of it as an agent out there on the network, watching the site for the criteria you requested. Whenever there is a posting that matches your criteria, the Zaptask will kick in and send you an alert via whatever delivery method you specified (email, mobile device or instant messenger).

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