April 03, 2007

Skype Prime has created somewhat of a stir in the blogosphere. It basically gives you the ability to charge someone for calls (either per-call or per-minute). Phil Wolff at Skype Journal points out the limitations, which are as follows:
* $0.50/min minimum all charge
* Skype takes 30% of whatever you charge
* You have to wait at least 120 days to get paid.
These usurious rates really limit the potential uses of this, particularly when you consider that most calls are peer-to-peer and they aren’t really doing anything except payment processing. If they drop their cut to, say, 3% (that’s all PayPal charges for credit card processing), drop the minimum call charge limits, and reduce the amount of time it takes to actually get paid, I could see this really taking off in some of the less affluent countries.

Assuming Skype reduces their cut of the action, pays people in a timely manner, and improves the Skype Prime service, there are a few places where Skype Prime could be used to make some money:
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