April 14, 2007

AV VoizGameAV VoizGame is an online chat package tool for changing your identity in chat rooms in various RPG's characters.

Let’s make AV VoizGame your secret weapon to funnily trick your buddies and be a winning hero in every game.

AV VoizGame Features:

· Changes in real time the voice, either from a microphone, CD, line-in, or auxiliary input, into hundreds of high-quality female and male voices, animal, musical and fiction sounds.
· Morphs in real time the WaveOut and DirectX streams.
· Compatible with voice chat rooms, voice instant messengers, audio & video conferencing, and PC-to-phone programs. You can disguise your voice to be anonymous on the Net.
· Compatible with the standard sound recorders, sound players, CD and Karaoke players. With AV VoizGame, you can edit various voices, sound files, sound effects for your audio & video clips and movies, you can morph songs or MP3 files and create your own albums.
· The pitch and timbre settings are graph-represented allowing easier tuning.
· Allows to use Equalizer and nickvoices.

Download AV VoizGame from Softpedia

AV VoizGame Screenshots:

AV VoizGame AV VoizGame

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