April 17, 2007

When login in MSN Messenger, CheckMessenger.net uploads your list of contacts and compares it to the lists in the server to find out if the users in your list have deleted or blocked you.

After evaluating the situation, in less than a minute it shows the information obtained so that the user knows the real Status of its contacts.

The only way to display the list of contacts is connecting to the servers of Microsoft MSN Messenger.

CheckMessenger.net doesn’t save any of the information of the users of the website.
The email addresses and passwords entered to find out which contacts have deleted or blocked you are only used to show you the results you are looking for, and they will not be saved by CheckMessenger.net.

MSN Messenger 6.0, MSN Messenger 7.0, MSN Messenger 7.5, Microsoft Windows Messenger, Messenger Live, or any other version of MSN Messenger that you use is supported by our program to find out who blocked you in the Messenger.

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