April 13, 2007

MyCyberTwin is a website that allows you to quickly create compelling virtual personalities called CyberTwins. These virtual beings live and breathe on the web and chat to your friends, family, colleagues or customers on your behalf.

Creating your very own CyberTwin is easy. All you have to do is register and then give your CyberTwin some ideas of things you want it to chat about. If you feed your CyberTwin content from your own IM conversations, email or blog, it will actually learn to talk and be just like you! It will be your digital personality and represent YOU online.

Your CyberTwin lives online at MyCyberTwin.com and has a home address. For example, if you created a CyberTwin named 'Fred', its home address would be http://www.mycybertwin.com/fred and you can issue this to people so they can chat to it via an ordinary web browser.

via lifehacker

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