April 26, 2007

Msgshit has released new portable versions of MSN and Windows Live Messenger. It means you can carry your Messenger on a portable device like USB flash drive, portable hard drive, iPod etc. and use on any computer.

WLM Lite Portable Edition v8.1.0178.00

This is the portable edition of Windows Live Messenger 8.1.0178.00

Patched Properties

General :

* enabled polygamy
* swapped now playing title and artist
* view full display pic. in contact cards
* removed text advertisement from sharing folder window

Main Window

* removed Windows Live logo
* removed Messenger title
* removed display pic. from sign-in window

Download WLM Lite Portable Edition v8.1.0178.00

MSN 7.5.0324 Lite Edition

This is the portable edition of MSN Messenger 7.5.0324.

Patched Properties


* enabled polygamy
* removed billing info. menus
* swapped now playing & artist
* disabled nudge protection
* disabled nudge window shaking
* enabled multi-line nick-names
* added sign-in status in systray menu

Main window

* removed MSN logo
* removed messenger title
* transformed rounded corners to perfect corners
* removed display pic. in sign-in window
* removed bottom links in sign-in window
* removed MS passport network branding
* switched tabs to right side
* open display pic dialog upon DP click
* boosted personal messages to 500 characters
* removed my MSN space button
* removed MSN Today button
* added sign-out button in upper panel
* moved add a contact button 2 upper panel
* stripped toolbar text
* removed yellow info bar
* hided personal messages in contact list
* disabled song links
* removed MSN search bar
* removed ad. banner

Conversation Window

* seperate avatar clippings

Download MSN 7.5.0324 Lite Edition

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