April 16, 2007

USB Skype MouseWhen you have a mouse and a Skype related device combined together, you get the USB Skype Mouse also known as Skymouse. This 2-in-1 peripheral looks like a normal mouse when closed, but if you open it there is a small LCD screen + keypad that doesn’t make you use the computer keyboard to make a call. It works with plenty of services, some examples include: Skype, VoipButser, poivY, and FreeCall.

USB Skype Mouse Features:

# 800dpi optical USB mouse.
# Auto detection between mouse and VoIP phone
# Seamlessly integrated with Skype, VoipButser, VoipStunt, VoIPCheap, VoipDiscount, SparVoip, Internetcalls, poivY, WebCallDirect, VoipCheapCom, FreeCall and NetAppel.
# Monochrome 128 x 64 pixel LCD can display your VoIP Contact List, Call List, Call history, time, and Caller ID.
# Hands-free speakerphone function.
# Various chord music ring tones catering to different tastes.
# Fully functional keypad and LCD screen enables you to make/receive calls without using keyboard and mouse.
# Rings loudly on an incoming call.
# Acoustically isolated earpiece and microphone to eliminate echo.
# Full-duplex communication with crystal clear voice.
# Dimensions: 55 x 105 x 33mm
# Weight: 115gm

via Cool Gadgets

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