April 12, 2007

"Today we released Skype 2.6 for Mac Beta. Although our main focus was on quality and we' ve also added a few new features. One of them so new it' s released first on Mac and only later on other platforms.
While our focus was on quality and we still managed to pack some new features that you won't immediately see. For the first time in the history of Skype you can now transfer an ongoing call to another Skype user. Simply click on “More” in the call window of an incoming call and select the Skype contact you want to pass the call on to. Note that caller has to use the new version of Skype for Mac or a recent version (3.0 or up) of Skype for Windows for Call transfer to work..."
Read the whole post : Skype 2.6 Beta is here

Download Skype For Mac 2.6

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