April 30, 2007

Vbuzzer is a Voip software with free Internet Phone, Fax and Instant Messaging feautures.

Vbuzzer enables people anywhere in the world to make high quality phone calls, as well as to exchange text messages and files, for free. For phone calls placed to traditional telephone networks, Vbuzzer charges a little fee which is usually at a fraction of the fee charged by traditional telephone carriers and competitors!

VBuzzer Features:

Vbuzzer Free

- Up to 1 Minute free test call on Signup
- Instant Messaging
- Free PC to PC Calls
- Free Voicemail
- Connected with MSN Messenger
- Up to 10 pages free fax within US & Canada

Vbuzzer Premium

- 1.5 Cent/Min to US, Canada, China
- 30% Lower PC to Phone Rates than Competition
- Higher Call Quality + Security
- Order Own Phone Number
- IM + VoIP + Fax in One Application Program

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