April 23, 2007

Yahoo! Multi MessengerYahoo! Multi Messenger allows you to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger instead of only keeping one open.

Y! Multimessenger is perfect for those who run under several names. Y! Multimessenger requires no updates, no installing other products. Just open the .reg file and Multi Messenger will be activated.

After running the .reg file, just click on your old Yahoo Messenger Icon to open another instance.

You can open as many as you want. It works with any version of Y! Messenger. However, if you update your Y! Messenger, you may be required to run the .reg file again to activate MultiMess.

Just double click the old desktop icon to load up X amount of Yahoo! Messengers, thats it!

Note - you may have to uncheck the "Automatically Sign In" option on the login screens though or you will start getting the "You have been logged out as you were logged in on a different machine" message.

You can run the registry editing script to do this for you if you are not sure what to uncheck, go ahead...open it in an editor first if you want, its 100% safe and will not mess anything up.

Y! Multimessenger Screenshot:

Y! Multimessenger

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