May 27, 2007

BlockooBlockoo allows you see who blocked or deleted you. Don't let them fool you, if someone is lying telling you they didn't do it, you can know for sure using this service. It takes little time and the results are easy to understand.

You just need to fill out the required information in the form on the, wait a few seconds and that's IT.

Blockoo will connect to your MSN account and proceed to check your list to see who blocked or deleted you and then you will get all the information in an easy-to-read list.

How Does It Work ?

First step: Contact MSN Messenger server
After you type in the required information, the data is verified with the server, if it is correct, Blockoo request access to your account so it can get the list of people that blocked or deleted you.
Second Step: Create the cookie and the log in the database
Once Blockoo verified the information is correct, it creates a cookie in your computer with your password (Blockoo doesn't store passwords in its server) so you can use the site services without writing it again.
Third Step: Compare old list with new list
It compares the list of users that blocked or deleted you with the content of the old list (if you are new this doesn't apply) so it can show you the results with the new contacts highlighted.
Fourth Step: End of process
You got the information you needed. If you decide to leave the site, the cookie with your password is automatically deleted when you close your web browser. You will have to re-type your password when entering Blockoo again, this way the account is uncompromised.

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