May 10, 2007

ComBOTS the Next Generation Communication Tool in instant messenging. Extremely powerful, incredibly easy to use and a lot of fun. Upon receiving the invitation, each of your friends gets access to ComBOTS for free!

More than E-mail, more than Instant Messaging. File Transfer Deluxe and the best from Hollywood. Always & everywhere, and soon even on your mobile phone.

ComBOTS Features:

· Virtually unlimited attachments and immediate delivery feedback
· Send files & media up to 1 GB per file or folders containing up to 500 files per Drag & Drop
· Chat using rich media messages (incl. files, folders, voice, pictures, sounds and videos)
· One click free calls and voice messages (even to offline friends)
· Gather your friends and turn them into your favourite Characters on your desktop.
· Free starter set and free bonus packs of animated 3D Characters & Emotions
· Messages & data in sync on multiple PCs
· Soon: Support of regular mobile phones (Java-enabled)

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