May 14, 2007

"Deaf relay allows deaf people to both make and receive phone calls. Deaf people can place and receive calls on a TTY device, their computer, or any AOL enabled device. So a deaf individual can instant message a relay providers’ screenname and call anyone they want in the US for free!
So what happens is this, credit card fraudster’s get a hold of a stolen credit card, or stolen identity and in order to convert their stolen card to cash, they get on Meebo and start placing calls to every 800 number they can and start ordering all sorts of shit. Why Meebo? Because it’s based in the US. It basically serves as a free proxy for them. Only people in the US can make deaf relay calls and Meebo has US-based IP addresses. Often times, the credit card fraudster is from outside the US (ahem… Nigeria) and cannot speak English well. So..they use US based Meebo, and tax payer payed for deaf relay (staffed with English speaking American citizens ) to do their dirty work. The merchants 800 number receives an American voice ordering stuff off of a US credit card and so the order goes through..."
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