May 04, 2007

MobiGater is a device which transfers your Skype calls to your mobile phone without the use of SkypeOut credits. It connects to your cell phone via a SIM card placed inside it, and using a USB cable to your PC and Skype.

MobiGater combines the best features of both communication tools - Skype and mobile phones. You have free Skype calls and GSM mobility and coverage.

Mobigater Features:

* Whether you are in front of your PC or not, you will never miss a Skype call. MobiGater redirects the call to your mobile phone.
* You can talk to your Skype contacts worldwide at the cost of a SIM to SIM local call. (The one in MobiGater and the one in your cell phone).
* You make low-cost calls from your mobile to your foreign partners’ fixed and cell phones. The price you pay for the call equals the SIM to SIM one (in a mobile operator plan) plus the price of a SkypeOut call.

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