August 03, 2007

" I am a curious programmer, and was all the way wondering on how apps on PortableApps were made. Since Pidgin, the replacement for Gaim was released I was waiting for a while for Portable Apps but I guess they must be busy with the number off apps they have to handle.

So I went and analyze the Gaim Portable sources, read some info on Pidgin official site, downloaded NSIS and I managed to make it work! I was planning just to use it personally but as always I feel like sharing it..."
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Download Portable Pidgin 2.1.0:

Update (03.08.07)

Ady updated his portable client with the latest version of Pidgin. Portable Pidgin 2.1.0 has now Spell Check and Off-The-Record Messaging plugin support.

Created by ady

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