May 28, 2007

SniffIM is a Yahoo and MSN Messenger Chat Sniffer. It will try to sniff and record all the yahoo messenger conversations taking place in a network.

SniffIM does this by sniffing all the ethernet traffic and then analyzing the packets for yahoo and MSN conversations. It can decode the Yahoo PM & Conference conversations and MSN IM conversations. It uses RawNetIo framework to do the core work of sniffing the packets.

SniffIM allows you to save the recorded conversations in either RTF format. It also allows you to save all the recorded messages at once in RTF format such that you can even search for important information in those conversations.

SniffIM is supplied free of cost for both commercial and non-commercial use.

SniffIM Features:

· Easy to use interface to trace all the yahoo messenger conversations in a network.
· Ability to save the recorded conversations in binary as well as RTF format.
· Ability to search in the saved conversations by exporting them all to an RTF document
· Records both PM conversations and Conference conversations.

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