June 23, 2007

"I use Lotus Sametime 7.5 (and soon 7.5.1) for instant messaging at work. the memory usage is a bit tough to swallow but some of the integrated features more than make up for it.

One thing has bothered me. From the start, I tried to create some informative status messages so people could better decide how and when to reach me. I might include a different phone number when working from a remote location or I might indicate I was MBWT and would be back at a specific time. Most of these status messages were one-time deals. In a few cases they were never used (for example if I made a typo in the message).

Sametime keeps track of old status messages so you can reuse them. But what if you don’t plan to ever reuse a message ? How do you clean up that history - delete old or unused status messages ? You need to be willing to edit a couple of files. Here are the steps:"
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