June 15, 2007

Yesterday eBuddy launched a new Ajax based beta messenger for web and mobile.

eBuddy is a free web based messenger that enables you to chat with your MSN and Yahoo and AIM buddies. No downloads or registration required!

To use the web version of eBuddy and all you need is a Javascript enabled browser on your computer. You can access eBuddy from any computer or location and it even works behind a firewall.

New eBuddy Web Messenger Beta Features:

# Complete overhaul of the web based versions of AOL / Yahoo and MSN. The three separate clients are now integrated in a multi network client.
# The new client is written with eBuddy's in house developed AJAX framework.
# New features will be released soon: most importantly eBuddy accounts, more networks (icq, gtalk, qq etc) and features currently supported in eBuddy msn client like drag and drop contact management, group chat and custom emoticon support.

Public link: http://www.ebuddy.com/

New eBuddy Web Messenger Beta Screenshots:

New eBuddy Web Messenger Beta New eBuddy Web Messenger Beta

Another exciting new beta release is the mobile J2ME client that will greatly improve the chat user experience on mobile devices. The ‘eBuddy Mobile Messenger’ is a downloadable application for over 300 of the most used phones worldwide.

New eBuddy Mobile Messenger Beta Features:

# Supports > top 300 most used mobile phones
# Fast response
# Multi-network: MSN, Yahoo and AIM in one buddylist
# Sound, vibration, emoticons support.
# Minimal data usage
# Low battery usage
# Simple & clean user interface for the best chat experience.

Public link: http://www.ebuddy.com/mobilebeta/

eBuddy's Mobile Internet version will still be available. Point your mobile browser to mob.ebuddy.com for a basic chat experience without installation of an application.

New eBuddy Mobile Messenger Beta Screenshots:

New eBuddy Mobile Messenger Beta New eBuddy Mobile Messenger Beta

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