July 10, 2007

James Burke has created a small AIM client for iPhone called TinyBuddy IM. You can try it out by clicking over to http://tybyim.com/ on your iPhone or using the Safari web browser.

"Have an iPhone and but wish you could IM your buddies? Now you can and with TinyBuddy IM. It is an AIM® Enabled web-based IM tool. It works by using the Web AIM API and OpenAuth and Dojo.

The nice thing about this solution: you do not send your AIM password to me -- you are redirected to AOL's OpenAuth servers for authentication. My JavaScript only sees an auth token. Furthermore, my web page has to get your explicit consent before accessing your buddy list data and before sending the first IM or presence change..."
Continue reading : TinyBuddy IM: Instant Messaging for iPhone

Posted by James Burke @ Tagneto

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