July 16, 2007

Do you want to make SkypeOut calls from your Asterisk box? Would you like to have a Skype buddy on your regular phone's speed dial? Do you think it would be nice to be able to use the Skype network from your mobile phone, or even a telephone booth?

ChanSkype is the world's first Skype channel driver for the Asterisk Open Source PBX.

ChanSkype uses the Skype API and a proprietary library to complete calls with the Skype network.

You must have an X server and the Skype binary installed, both of which should be configured and running properly.

ChanSkype is proprietary software, and must be licensed in order to be used. There are currently two different types of license: Personal, for US$19.00, and Corporate, for US$99.00 per port.

ChanSkype Features:

Call online Skype users.
Call using SkypeOut.
Receive up to 30 incoming Skype Calls ("Skype Trunk").
Bridge with SIP channels.
Make any number of simultaneous calls (limited only by system resources).

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