July 13, 2007

The popular multi-protocol web messenger eBuddy just released an Alpha version for the iPhone. The new Alpha enables instant messaging on the iPhone for MSN, Yahoo and AIM.

To start chatting point your iPhone to www.ebuddy.com

eBuddy for iPhone Features:

* Automatic detection – point your iPhone to www.ebuddy.com and it automatically recognizes you are using an iPhone.
* Scalable screen – whether you hold the iPhone horizontal or vertically, the eBuddy application automatically adjusts for a clear overview.
* iPhone friendly interface – a simple and user friendly interface that makes instant messaging on the iPhone fun and easy.
* Multi network client – sign into MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AIM with one buddylist.
* Send and receive emoticons – insert emoticons into your text messages.
* Custom fonts and colors – customize the font and color of your text messages.
* Robust Back-end – the client connects to eBuddy's 150+ server back-end for a robust and secure chat experience.
* AJAX framework – the alpha uses the same AJAX foundation as the beta web version, delivering the same A-grade experience.

eBuddy for iPhone Screenshots:

eBuddy For iPhone eBuddy For iPhone

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