July 24, 2007

Messenger Air Live is a new add-on for Windows Live Messenger. It will run alongside and offer all different features to make your instant messaging experience more fun and interesting.

Messenger Air Live 2 Features:

# Anti toast flooder
Stop your contacts flooding you with signin toasts.

# Contact shadow
Copy your contacts status, friendly name changes and also new features to play with your contact and let them know they are being shadowed.

# Display picture features
Set up a slideshow with your display pictures for your contacts and apply up to 5 different favourite display pictures for easy access.

# Status assignments
Set a display picture for each status so it changes with your status.
Set a timed assignment so your status and personal message change at a specific time.

# Messenger protection
Enable protection on your display picture, status and friendly name to stop others messing with your account.
Use the lockout feature to stop others using windows live messenger when you sign out.

# Messenger Air Live alerts
Get alerts when certain events occur such as people copying your friendly name or your favourite contact coming online etc.

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