July 18, 2007

"I went through hundreds of clients to sift out what I thought were the best multi-protocol IM clients out there. My requirements were:

* It must be free (as in beer).
* It must run on Windows.
* It cannot be a beta.
* It must be actively developed.
* It must support at least five major protocols.
* It must support encryption.
* It must support basic features like graphical smilies, message logging, themes and file transfer.
* It must not require registration to use.

Originally, the last requirement wasn’t on the list, but as I went through more and more clients, being asked to sign up for yet another online account started getting on my nerves. The goal was to consolidate my accounts, not add more. Once this requirement was added, my list was cut down to only three clients: Trillian, Miranda, and Pidgin..."
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