July 20, 2007

MovaMessengerMovaMessenger is a mobile IM client. It works with your MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, QQ, GTalk, Jabber and other instant messaging accounts on your phone.

MovaMessenger Features:

* Multiple IM accounts: MovaMessenger allows you to consolidate all of your IM accounts.
* Compatibility: MovaMessenger supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, GTalk, QQ, Jabber and more.
* Less Data Traffic: MovaMessenger is highly optimized with data transfer compressed saving you data usage bills. Heavy use of MovaMessenger may consume approximately 2-5MB of data per month. It's usually considerably cheaper to send messages through MovaMessenger than SMS.
* User Friendly Graphical interface: MovaMessenger is easily navigated through a graphical user interface that corresponds to specific keys on your mobile phone touch pad.
* Multi-lingual Support: MovaMessenger recognizes the language capabilities within your mobile phone and allows you to communicate in your chosen language.

MovaMessenger Screenshots:

MovaMessenger MovaMessenger

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