July 16, 2007

SoapBox CommunicatorSoapBox Communicator is a next generation instant messaging software. SoapBox is free and easy to install. It's a whole new experience: Share YouTube videos, pictures, documents and presentations, use thousands of emoticons, or create and manage your own chat rooms.

Unlike the older instant messaging services, it's committed to open communication standards. SoapBox Communicator is based on XMPP, the same standard used by Google. That means you can chat with your friends on Google Talk using SoapBox. You can even use SoapBox with your Google Talk account.

Soapbox Communicator Features:

Chat Rooms Done Right! Easily create or join chat rooms. When you create a room you can add a password, make it members-only, and even choose who's allowed to talk!
Share YouTube Videos! Share a YouTube video with a friend. Just copy, paste, and send the link. The video will load right inside your conversation (yup, even in a chat room)!
I Know You’re There. Keep your friends up to date with more than just words. Presence icons let you show people what you're up to rather than just telling them! On the phone? Out to lunch? Grabbing a latte?
Share Anything... Really! No matter what it is, you can copy, paste and send it! Anything from pictures to Word documents to PowerPoint presentations! Paste it in your conversation or off to the side in the Share Pane.
One-Window Messaging. Chat in one window with as many contacts as you want, the way you want! Each conversation is put in its own tab that you control. Want your tabs on the top, left, right, bottom? Big icons, little icons? Your choice!
Easy Settings for Personal Preference. You get to choose how everything is displayed. Do you want groups in your contact list? How big do you want the images in your list? What skin do you want to use? Choose or upload an avatar image that represents you. Personalize your messages with over a thousand emoticons.

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