July 27, 2007

Useful Skype PTT client allows you to use Skype on your mobile phone connected over Bluetooth to PC with Skype client.

It performs calls through your PC over Bluetooth link. Your calls are free, but you need to be in the Bluetooth coverage of your PC.

Useful Skype PTT shows your Skype contacts on the phone and allows you to call and talk to them from the phone. It works in Push To Talk (PTT) mode, meaning you need to press Talk button to talk. While it is not pressed the client is in Hear mode allowing you to hear the other side of the call.

Useful Skype PTT consist of two parts: the client running on your phone and the server running on your PC. The product setup runs on your PC and instructs you to download the client to the phone at some point.

Useful Skype PTT Screenshots:

Useful Skype PTT Useful Skype PTT

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