July 25, 2007

Web2MessengerWeb2Messenger is a new service that allows people to send you messages from the web to Windows Live Messenger.

You can redirect people to your personal Send Message page, or create your own Send Message page on your blog or personal website. You can even send a member a message when he or she is offline. Your message will be delivered as soon as the recipient gets online!

Web2Messenger's use isn't just limited to webmasters. People have found uses for it by including their status image and a link to their Send Message/Profile page in their forum signatures and others have added their Web2Messenger details to their Ebay sales to allow potential buyers to ask questions about the product and get real-time responses, greatly increasing the chances of a sale!

Web2Messenger can even be used as a form of offline messaging. If a message is sent to a Web2Messenger user who is offline we will store the message and then deliver it to them when they next sign in.

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