July 24, 2007

Yahoo! Emoticon AssistantYahoo! Emoticon Assistant is an add-on for Yahoo Messenger that puts the hidden emoticons at your fingertips, and makes it easy to choose between standard and hidden emoticons.

Simply select one of your chat windows to send the emoticon to and then
click on the emoticon you want to send! The Emoticons will respond to
either a single click or a double click, depending on the setting in your
Control Panel -> Folder Options.

Send Immediately: - If this is checked then the emoticon will be sent immediatly INCLUDING any text you may have already typed into the chat window. Otherwise, the emoticon will be inserted into your chat window and you can continue typing before hitting the SEND button.

Favorites: - To add an emoticon to your favorites page, right click on it to get thepopup menu. To remove one, right click on the copy in the Favorites

Yahoo! Emoticon Assistant Screenshot:

Yahoo! Emoticon Assistant

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