August 05, 2007

Avatar Sizer has been designed to make images smaller, quickly and extremely easily. It is designed to resize images not to edit them. There is no upper limit to the size of image you can turn into an Avatar. The Avatar you create can be any size from 1x1 pixels up to a maximum of 150x150 pixels, so it will be suitable for virtually all Forums, IMs etc.

Avatar Sizer uses "Smooth Resizing". This makes the Avatar image look very similar to the original, just smaller. Avatar Sizer may even make some Avatars look better than the original image. The resulting Avatar file can be saved as a JPG or a GIF. The default is JPG.

Avatar Sizer will resize the following types of images:

* Jpegs (JPG)
* GIFs (GIF)
* Bitmaps (BMP)
* Windows Meta Files (WMF)
* Enhanced Meta Files (EMF)
* Icons (ICO)

Avatar Sizer Screenshots:

Avatar Sizer Avatar Sizer

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