August 17, 2007

MindspringMindSpring allows you make calls and send instant messages using your computer. It works with your PC’s speakers and an attached microphone or headset.

You can place PC-to-PC calls to other MindSpring users anywhere in the world for free. MindSpring also offers Dial Out service—a pre-paid feature that lets you easily call traditional home or cell-phone numbers (domestic or international).

Mindspring Features:

# Easily send Instant Messages to other MindSpring and Google Talk users.
# Tells you if your contacts are online and available.
# Lets you personalize messages with your own images.
# Retrieves messages sent while you were offline
# Get a free email account, even if you’re not an EarthLink access member.
# Preview your email; just click to launch EarthLink Web Mail from MindSpring.
# Search the Web directly from MindSpring.
# Exchange files and photos quickly and easily while messaging.
# Easy-to-use interface lets you personalize messages with your own images.
# Separate tabs for Phone, Contacts, Voicemail, and Email make MindSpring easy to use.
# Check your Balance and Call Activity information directly from MindSpring.

Mindspring Screenshots:

Mindspring Mindspring

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