August 06, 2007

Inbit Messenger is secure instant messaging software for enterprises.

With Inbit Messenger, your organization can share images, files, and screenshots. Inbit Messenger allows users to chat with colleagues and share images of current activity using Inbit's screen capture engine, while allowing administrators
full control and logging.

Inbit Messenger even provides features to send asynchronous messages and deliver files to offline colleagues.

Inbit Messenger Features:

Instant Messaging
· Public messaging
· Workgroup messaging
· Private messaging

Chat Rooms
· Public chat rooms
· Workgroup chat rooms
· Private chat rooms

Internal Mail (i-mail)
· Send i-mail to public
· Send i-mail to workgroups
· Send i-mail to co-workers
· File Sharing
· Public file sharing
· Workgroup file sharing

File Transfer
· Send files and screen shots in offline mode
· Send files and screen shots via online chat

Permission Based Remote Capture
· Capture a remote co-worker's screen
· Capture a remote co-worker's window

Screen Capture
· Full Screen Capture
· Window Capture
· Region Capture

Inbit Messenger Screenshots:

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